Daily Read

What to read next, without thinking.

Most of sites I visit on a regular basis have content that likely won’t get circulated through my social networks. I prefer reading sites in their original context — not through RSS — to see how the the owners develop the site’s experience over time (if at all).

Without RSS, it becomes noticeably frustrating to maintain a balanced rotation through my “daily read” links.

Two things were important in solving this problem:

Be able to trust that I’ll see all of my “daily reads” on a regular basis.

I don’t have to think about what to read next.

The app’s interaction is reduced to single click that shuffles daily read links until it finds an unvisited site in the current rotation. The browser is redirected and the site is marked as “visited” on the backend. When every site in the list have been visited, the rotation starts over again.

Daily Read aspires to grow into its own mini content network; a collection of everyone’s must-reads could produce lists of the most-loved cherished sites on the web.

The first version of the app relied on a bookmarklet to visit the next page.

The updated version uses email to avoid the headache of login info, and uses Chrome Extensions to take advantage of more familiar web-browsing habits.

Two Chrome Extensions are available: one to shuffle your daily read links, and one to add the current site to the rotation.

If the current site is already in the rotation, the extension lets you remove it with a single click.

The end goal is to entirely remove the web page and let the app exist just as a Chrome Extension.