Slovenski Camps

Redesigning a summer camp website.

See it live

The Slovenski Family runs a summer camp in Raymond, Maine. They have 12 different camp offerings, everything from dodgeball to SAT prep to robotics.

I collaborated with a friend to do a complete visual update of the site that we designed and developed over 6 weeks.

Original Site Design

Initial Design Exploration

The design process began with an evaluation of the site’s content, potential navigation strategies, how the design would respond on mobile, information architecture, and conversion funnels.

We also assembled a basic collection of imagery to guide the process.


Wireframes were the first scheduled deliverable. The updated information architecture included a new global nav with a persistent “register now” button, and content was organized major headings with a simplified layout strategy.

We were lucky to find that the camp has a huge collection of imagery to draw from. This meant that we could rely on text and image to do most of storytelling.

Design Process

We structured our design and develpment work around major in-person check-ins with each other. Between check-ins we communicated over chat to discuss discussing imagery, type selection, implementation strategies and layout.

Final Deliverables

The final result is simple, feels traditional, and relies heavily on photos of photos of the camp’s natural settings. The “activities” page evolved into a preview timeline of what campers experience on a typical day.

The site’s layout supports long blocks of text that describe the camp’s philosophy, the backgrounds of the directors, and answer frequently asked questions of prospective parents and campers.

Site Performance

Update 12/8/15: The site went live on Thanksgiving Day 2015 in time for the beginning of camp registration season. Awaiting updates on conversion performance compared to the site’s previous design.